TalPool FAQ

  • Basics

  • What is TalPool and why you need it in your life?

    TalPool is an online service designed for and focused on helping models, photographers, fashion designers and makeup artists find exciting, paid or unpaid casting calls to collaborate on.

  • Is TalPool free?

    The TalPool core search engine and social network is free for all members. TalPool plans to add new features in the future that may or may not incur a fee. All features available to members free of charge now, will remain free of charge.

  • Sign up

  • Why sign up for TalPool when I am member of other websites?

    The answer is simple - TalPool actually works. It is the only platform that incorporates the power of social networking dynamics into the modeling, photography and fashion industries. These advanced features alongside TalPool’s sustained effort to promote you as a valued member of the community, will offer you exposure to paid job opportunities with industry leaders.

  • How can I sign up?

    The signup process is very easy! Just go to [signup url], follow the step by step setup of your profile and get ready to access a whole new level for your career!

  • I forgot my password, what do I do?

    Click here then enter your e-mail and shortly you will receive email with intructions!

  • Can I change my email after I signed up?

    Unfortunately not but this is to ensure full safety and complete privacy for your personal info. If you signed up using a wrong email address, simply create a new account. After a cut off point, all the unconfirmed emails will be removed from our system.

  • Portfolio

  • Where do I upload my portfolio?

    You can access your portfolio by clicking [portfolio link]. Just upload images to your default album or create your own albums for a personal touch.

  • Can I add video to my portfolio?

    This is a feature we are working on and will let you know as soon as it’s up!

  • What is a cover photo?

    A cover photo is an image that represents you and your portfolio. Without a cover photo, you may be ranked lower in our search engine. Selecting the colour palette for you profile as well as uploading a cover photo will ensure your book is the one that stands out.

  • Casting Call

  • Can I find job at TalPool ?

    Yes. Casting calls are considered jobs. You can filter your search for work and select paid casting calls only, if you like.

  • What is a casting call?

    As a member of TalPool , you can create casting calls and specify what type of members you’d like to collaborate with. TalPool then takes your casting call and broadcasts it to your followers and all suitable candidates on the platform. We do the legwork for you.

  • How can I create a casting call?

    It’s oh so very simple. Go to [link] and start the process by fill in all the info needed. Only members with a complete TalPool profile can create casting calls.

  • How can I increase my chances of collaborating on casting calls through TalPool ?

    The key is networking. Follow people you think could contribute to your portfolio. We also recommend that you follow members who may be considered your competitors. Keeping an eye on the competition will ensure you get any scoops on who they are working with so that you can in turn follow those members and put yourself on their radar.

    Another key move is sharing your portfolio or your casting call on social media to increase your audience and connection potential.